“It’s like we never really ever closed that door. It’s nothing we did. And now our hearts want more.”

I’m not to sure how we ended up like this. All I know is this feels right.

Everything about this feels right. It all started with that night. Laughing at crazy jokes and antics. Reminiscing the past. Holding hands. That surprise kiss.

Even before that, we would chat on FB messenger. Not as regularly but enough to make me want to miss you. Enough to make so excited to see you again.

Now, I almost can’t go a day without messaging you on WA. Checking in on you when you wake up. Talking about each others’ day. Laughing at silly things. Random hug emojis. And kissy face ones too. Rare but sincere “I miss you”s. Endless flirtings. And the highlight to end every night, your voice even just for a mere few seconds. The last voice I hear before I go to sleep.

Yeah. We have history. That’s what makes “us” so easily. Sure. We’re not rushing into anything given our complicated circumstances. But if God put you in front of me and he tells me you’re meant to be mine again. I will never let you go. You don’t always get second chances in love.


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