K. Special K. Vitamin K.

“Nothing ever gets me high like this. I pick my poison and it’s you. Nothing could kill me like you do. You’re going straight to my head. And I’m headed straight for the edge.”

I haven’t seen you or talked to you in a while. I feel like I’m having a relapse right now and all I can think about is you. All I want right now is you. Fuck. I really miss you. But it seems that you always pop back into my life whenever I’m comfortable with someone.

I still remember how sick it felt when you were my someone else when I was with someone. Just like how I was your someone else when you were with someone. Let’s not forget, you’re still with that same someone but I left mine. Sometimes, I wished I never encouraged you to fight for her. But it sickens me that I almost became that kind of person that I always hated. A liar. A cheat. A thief. I put an end to us and put other people’s feelings before mine. That’s why I backed off. You were like a drug to me. The poison I turned to to escape from life. The one I loved and lost, and loved and lost again and again and again. I keep relapsing. I can never shake you off.

And the fucked up thing is. I’m sure you feel the same way I do to. That’s why you keep coming back. And I keep letting you in.

Not this time. Please. Not this time again.


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